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To download God for Kids app, tap the relevant app store using the device you want to download the app to. For example, visit this website with your iPad to download God for Kids app onto your iPad then tap the App Store link above.


Want to know more before you download God for Kids app?

  • Each adventure is based on a theme (God is Real / God is Big / God is Jesus / God is Spirit)
  • Each stop on the adventure map is based on one attribute of God
  • Each attribute of God is explored using one Bible verse and lots of questions
  • Every stop on the map ends with a game where something hidden is revealed
  • One sticker is collected for each stop on the desert
  • Collect the stickers to create your own scene and take a screenshot for your own wallpaper.
Desert Adventure: God is Real (Free)

2016-06-17 20.06.17

  1. Who is God?
  2. God is Invisible
  3. God Feels
  4. God Thinks
  5. God Chooses
  6. God is Good
  7. God is Love
Space Adventure: Space (A one-off, in-app purchase which will help fund the next adventures)
2016-09-29 14.11.09
  1. God is Big
  2. God is Forever
  3. God is Strong
  4. God is Everywhere
  5. God Knows Everything
  6. God is Kind
  7. God Keeps His Promises (Formerly God is Fair)
  8. God is Family
  9. God is Generous
  10. God Never Changes