How to get your kids excited about God with an app

How to get your kids excited about God with the God for Kids app

When the Bible is central to our faith, we often wish we could spend more time reading and studying it than we actually do. Then we have kids and it seems like all hope is lost! With the best of intentions, there’s just not enough time in a busy parent’s day. On top of that, technology seems to increasingly encroach on our ever-precious family time. So what if we could solve both problems at the same time? What if technology could actually help us understand the Bible and find time to read it while also spending quality time with our families? Here’s 5 ways my  God for Kids app might help you with that…

1. Side-by-side: Rediscover your personal Quiet Time a parent, it’s almost impossible to get a bit of ‘quiet time’ alone with God and most of us would rather not (even if we do) use the TV or our phones/tablets as babysitters. But this way, you can do exactly that – GUILT FREE!

While you take 5 minutes to read your daily devotion email / Bible verse /blog (try the, the kids gather round the iPad to complete an activity on the God for Kids Desert or Space Adventure.

Not only are your kids learning about God (with you nearby), but you’re creating good habits and showing them how fun it can be to spend time learning from the Bible.

 2. Transform Family Time with Active Engagement from your Child

shutterstock_182722400Pile on the parent’s bed in the morning or evening, or gather around the breakfast or dinner table, pull out the smartphone/tablet and take a 5-minute trip through the desert or space adventure, one stop at a time, one day at a time.

Or perhaps once a week on a Sunday or Saturday would work better for your family?

Allow your kids to ask you the funny questions and spend a bit of time chatting through the more serious questions at a pace that is just right for you and your family. Check the ‘Grown-Up Tips’ when you’re not sure what to say or when you want to check to Bible reference, then finish by praying together.

Not only will your kid play an active (and hopefully enthusiastic) role in your family worship/Bible study/prayer time but, later, they can return to the app again and again on their own, to reinforce and remember what you’ve already learned together.

“When we were kids, my brother and sisters and I would gather on my mum and dad’s bed each morning to pray. Even now, when I’m home, that is still my favourite place to be.” David, 37, UK.

3. Turn that Bedtime Routine into a Quality Time Routine

bedtime routineMy personal favourite is to finish the day with my kids, in their bedroom, with one regular story, one Bible Story or devotion, a lullaby and a prayer. It has been a habit for us for as long as I can remember – which explains why we have gone through so many Bible-books and kid devotionals!

The hardest part is finding a style the kids are willing to engage with and each child is different.

I hope I’ve made you an app that your child can engage with and together it can make bedtime, or any other time, fun. It’s an app that will allow your kid to think and ask questions as well as hearing what God has to say about Himself, through the Bible.

4. Let them play on your phone in church (Not recommended for everyone but…)

shutterstock_311714897Ok this one comes with a big ‘Only If’… If you already let your kid play on your phone in church (for whatever reason) why not have a little folder of ‘God Apps’ (including God for Kids but perhaps also add one or two I recommend on Pinterest) If anyone asks, they’re doing a kid friendly Bible study on the nature and character of God (because that’s exactly what they are doing), with a big smile on your face! God for Kids doesn’t need sound for kids who can read so you can mute the volume or take earphones.

At least this way, you know they are learning about God from the Bible and you’ll have something spiritual to talk about in the car on the way home when they need to ‘Ask a Grown-Up’.

Is this one a little too unconventional or would raise too many eyebrows in your church? How about this last one instead:

5. Make it a group activity for kids’ church, school, home school or mid-week groups.

how to get kids excited about GodThe ‘God Chooses’ stop on the Desert Adventure is particularly great for this one, but most of them would work really well. Especially if you get the group to pause midway through to share andchat about their answers. In God choose, the different combinations of animal homes, food and friends they have created with their own choices are worth hearing!

You can all gather round one iPad/tablet if your group is a small one, or for bigger groups, take a few screen shots in advance and upload them to your computer to show on a projector – you don’t need to do any fancy computer work or make a PowerPoint presentation, simply tap through the photos and talk over it from the front.

(To take screenshots on your phone/tablet check here. It will save just like a regular photo.)

At home, church or school, if your Bible time or Family time needs a fuel-injection boost to get it going again, here’s one app that was built for that very purpose. For you. To help you get your kids excited about God.
 These are just 5 of my ideas – can you think of any other ways God for Kids app can help get your kids excited about God?


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