Never Even Heard of God

Last Saturday I was worshiping with some friends when a three little Slovakian girls wandered in, attracted by the music. They wanted to use the microphone and drums so I told them we were not just singing, we were worshiping God.

“Oh.” One little girl said. “When is he gonna get here?”

“Who?” I asked.

“God.” She said. “When is he coming?”

“He is already here.” I said. ” He is invisible”

“What?” She was a bit confused.

“God is invisible” I said again “And God is everywhere. Even here, now.”

She thought this was funny and proceeded to stamp her foot saying “So if I do this I can stamp on him?”

I laughed with her and we talked a bit more before I had to leave. She told me her parents didn’t go to any kind of church, temple or mosque and clearly she had never heard of God before. What an opportunity! I didn’t know if I would ever see her again but I didn’t want to leave her with nothing so I asked if her parents had an iPad or iPhone and I gave her a card with God for Kids information on it, telling her she could find out more on this app. Her English wasn’t great so I knew this app would be able communicate the gospel to her so much better than something that would involve a lot of reading in a foreign language – all the words in this app are recorded with a voice-over and you can replay the words again and again if you need to by tapping on them or on Rü, the character who narrates the app.

It really got me thinking – I’ve tested this app on a lot of kids who have Christian parents, but not a lot of kids who have never even heard of God. While kids from Christian homes find the app fun and it helps build the foundations for faith and other more difficult questions (like Who made God? or Why is God Invisible?) it’s not always brand new to them.

But for the kids who don’t even know who God is, this app could be mind-blowing! What a revelation it must be to learn for the very first time that there is a real, invisible person who is big and strong and everywhere and good and who loves you more than anyone or anything else in the world because he chose to make you!

Do you know anyone or an organisation that reaches out to countries or communities of people with kids have never even heard of God? The kind of kids who, when you talk about God, ask “When is God gonna be here?” Or who respond to “God Bless you” with the words “What does Gobbless mean?”

This app could help them, right?






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