Which Grown-up are you?

Kids ask the craziest questions! As a grown-up, it is amusing but it is also a wonderful opportunity. All kids ask questions, including questions about God, but as grown-ups, we are not always ready with the answers. Sometimes I wish I had someone whispering them into my ears as I try to think up a reply.

Over the last 2 years, while the idea of God for Kids app was forming in my mind, I met three Mums. They were very different to each other, but all them asked for help about how to answer their kids’ ‘God’ questions. Perhaps you’ve met grown-ups like them? Perhaps you are one?

The Traditional One

First, I met Rita. She went to Sunday school as a child and isn’t particularly religious as an adult but she does want her children to learn the basics of Christianity, just like she did. When her kids ask ‘Who is God?’ she is at a loss for words. In fact, she would quite like to know herself.

The Inquisitive One

Then I met my dear friend Sarah. She and her son were my first ‘test subjects’ of God for Kids app outside my own family but when I first met her, she was just beginning to explore Christianity. She attended an Alpha course that I ran and tried to pass on what she was learning to her 7 year old son. Each time she tried to explain something to him, a dozen more questions would be double-back at her. And like the mythological Lernaean Hydra (who grew more heads every time Hercules chopped one off), each answer Sarah gave provoked even more questions from her ever-inquisitive son! ‘Where does God live?’, ‘How old is God?’, ‘What does God look like?’ It was hard for her (and me!) to keep up.

The Surprising One

Finally, I met Tracey. She and her family were committed, practising Christians and she herself was studying a theology diploma. But when it came to explaining spiritual concepts like sin, eternity or the trinity to her 5 and 8 year olds, she struggled to find the child-friendly words that would help them understand. I was surprised when I shared with her idea for God for Kids app and the accompanying blog that her reply was ‘I need that! I never know where to start.’

For those women and all the other grown-ups (dads, foster parents, grandparents, God-parents…)  that just don’t know where to start, I’ve made an app for you. It’s not the only resource out there, but I hope it helps. Especially if you are anything like Rita, Sarah or Tracey. These three women were on my mind as I prayed, researched, tested and studied how to communicate the enormously wonderful character of God to primary-aged kids through an ordinary app.

2016-01-14 11.17.05

It’s called God for Kids and teaches primary-school age kids, who God is and what God is like – one simple step at a time.

You go on an adventure – four actually – collecting stickers, playing games, answering questions and grabbing a grown-up. It starts at the very beginning asking “Who is God?”, then builds a foundation that will help answer increasingly trickier questions and even a few grown-up questions too. It will be available in the app store on Pancake Day (9th February 2016) in time for Lent. Android users will have to wait for the Church’s birthday – Pentecost on 15th May. For those who can’t wait, you can visit and engage on this website www.GodforKidsapp.com and if you sign up, I’ll send you free wallpaper images and I’ll email you a quick reminder on the day.


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